1. Who is Vishnu?
2. Who is Kalki?
3. What did Lord Shiva give to Lord Kalki? Why was it amulet, parrot, horse, sword, trident and bow of arrows?
5. Who is Jesus Christ? Son of Man? Son of God? or both depending on the context?
6. Was Siddartha the Buddha, or he became the Buddha after his incarnation? in Spiritual Realm?
8. What does it mean to strive, overcome sin and purify soul?
9. Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? Why are these little children?
10. What is a difference between compassion and love?
11. What is the Greatest Virtue? and why is it Love? Why is it the Jesus love?
12. Why compassion and love are necessities for real and true life?
13. What does it mean to follow life in connection between mind, heart, spirit and body? What does it mean to make rich decisions including all those four aspects?
14. What is the Divine Mercy concept and what is the magnetism of the heart?
15. Why did Jesus or LORD God the Father at that point of time - say to Sister Faustina to write “Jesus I trust in you”?
16. What are the six human senses according to Egyptians?
18. What is negative thinking, positive thinking and heart consciousness thinking?
20. Why the perfect relationship between human and God is based on trust?
19. When you look at Bible, Quran, Holy Texts, and prophets, why information is always perfectly given/recited in due times and they are all based on trust?
21. Why LORD God the Father commands “you shall have no other gods before me”?
22. Why media steer our sub-consciousness those days? and break the divine connection between Spirit, God and Humans?
23. Why the trust of “Jesus I trust in you” is so important during the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Second Pentecost?
24. Were Mayas wrong about 2012? or they were right and the Worthy Shepherd/Angelic Pope prophecies are real?
25. What is fear? why is it driven by lower state of consciousness? and why there are many dark visions inlcuded in Nostradamus prophecies, but also partly dark visions in the Relveation of Jesus Christ from 2000 ago. Can they be purified? Of course,  yes!
26. What are the pure Dharma teachings?
28. Why Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but also the King of Kings?
29. Why flood during Noah times is described in the Bible? and was the original pillar and altar - the Cheops Pyramid - built for LORD God the Father? Was it built before the flood?
30. Why Bible is so important to be comprehended by nations? Why Jesus story purifies that law and focuses on love and magnetism of the heart for all nations?
31. Are we the Royal Tribe living in the time of the Second Pentecost, should you be proud and happy about it?
32. How are you going to use that choice point? Start with little things.
33. Am I Jesus Christ? Yes and no. Jesus is God, the King of Kings
and Lord of Lords. I partly strive to share Christ consciousness
meaning that when I listen to Jesus, I do act on his way and I partly
become his incarnation. I also strive to see Jesus in other people.
17. What is subconsious thinking and why does it steer majority of our daily decisons? why is it difficult for many human beings to trust?
7. Who is the King of Kings and Lord or Lords and who is the King of Gods?
4. Who is Maitreya? Why is he the Fifth Buddha, Kalki Avatar, incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

I try to listen to inner voice, Spirit and the LORD God the Father, who wants me to purify the canon law, so I simply do. I do not feel as the master of masters here, which title could be given to Dalai Lama, Pope or other religious scholars, but I have learnt that an expert is somebody that knows more than average, so here we go with my questions and answers. I provide mostly questions and hints for the answers.

27. When Jesus spoke to Peter, Son of Jonah, that he would be called Cephas, which means Rock - what does it mean at that point of time? Is LORD God the Father speaking to Jesus at that point of time? When he is asked by Pharisees: “are you the Son of the Blessed One?” Jesus answered: “Yes, I am and you will see the Son of Man at the right hand of the Power of God coming on the clouds of heaven”; Does it mean that you would see Son of Jonah at the right hand of Jesus, who is the Power at that point of time ressurected in the Kingdom of Heaven? or does it mean that he would sit at the right hand of LORD God the Father and he would be expressing his thoughts during the Second Coming? or both? Anserw is: BOTH.
34. What are the four faces of Jesus? Why suffering is one of them? To achieve something larger than yourself, to touch God, quite often we have to go through suffering. However suffering is not necessary in the Kingdom of Heaven!
35. Are there people that do not believe in Jesus? Of course there are a lot of people that do not know Jesus, but there are also people that love Jesus. As prophet would say there will be one flock and one Shepherd, which means that majority of people will accept Jesus!
36. Does hell exist? You can read Fatima Secrets. LORD God the Father is perfect in his judgement, and we can create hell on earth, if
we do not listen to his voice.
37. Do we call the Living God as Jesus? Yes we do call Him Jesus in our religion and in fact we do in all religions.  He is coming again to save us. I ask myself a question “How can I serve you better Jesus?”